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DownRep Immunity
125,000 $K

The shitposter's swiss army knife. Stops all downrep on posts made for the next 3 days

Repochist's Delight
135,000 $K

For the next 3 days, all +rep
for your posts becomes -rep

Post Signature
145,000 $K

Displays a post signature beneath your posts automatically for the next 50 posts

Picture of Kalkin
150,000 $K

A picture of Kalkin

Picture of Kalkin
350,000 $K

A framed picture of Kalkin

Uprep Me!
800,000 $K

Upreps all of your posts
Max +2 rep per post
Limit 50 posts

Custom Trip
2,000,000 $K

You can get a custom tripcode on all boards.
Lasts 2 weeks

Post Background
30,000,000 $K

Gives you a background on your posts for 7 days

Moderator Position
100,000,000 $K

Gives you moderator over 1 board for 3 days

Global Moderator
1,000,000,000 $K

Gives you moderator over all boards for 3 days. You also get Kalkin on your friends list
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